The Barber Shop of Nashua, Part 2

Fantastic slice of life notes from life-long writer, new blogger, louisereynolds1960.


Part 2

The Show Goes On

It’s Wednesday, Oct 27, 2010


Police cars scream outside these walls on Main Street. People walk by self-consumed with their own lives.

The Cates murder trial is ongoing at the courthouse on Spring Street behind our building.

The barbers at our all-girl shop, including myself, are sitting here staring at the television news about the trial.

We are sheltered, restless, anticipating who will walk through the door and break our sadness over the murdered victim.

The barber shop has become our stage, entertaining our customers no matter what we are feeling beneath the surface or if we are not particularly in the mood. We pick and choose the script.

John enters through the door and sits. The show begins.

“How can we make you look better today?” I ask.

“The usual,” he said.

I can’t show my sadness so I start the chatter. As…

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