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I Won’t Give Up…

UPDATE! Jodie Lynne has been transferred from prison to a Transition House.

Women Who Think Too Much by Jeanne Marie


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4 thoughts on “I Won’t Give Up…

  1. Wonderful news. I have prayed for your daughter at great length. Although this seems like a step in the right direction I couldn’t agree more, “I don’t think they want people to succeed.” Make sure you are taking care of yourself. Happy tears coming from me!


    1. Thank you, thank you! All prayers welcome. I could write a book on what they do to undermine recovery and rehabilitation, but I’m trying to focus on the positive while she is in their custody. I hope she gets on her feet and writes a book herself. I am trying to be good to myself, I kind of like it! Love, Jeanne Marie


    1. Yes, but it’s almost unsupervised. open door and it’s in North Tulsa, her old habitat. She hopes to stay there till May. They would let her GPS out now, but they won’t let her come to FL and she has no safe place to live and no income. Her court fines and child support will also take every dime she earns. I don’t think they want people to succeed, honestly.


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