Head Banging


Tonight (Friday) I got out of bed to turn out the light and to put my book away. Well, I turned out the light, turned around and about three steps later, I tripped over the box that my Chihuahua, Ms. Kita, uses to get up on the bed. I dang near killed myself. I was air born for about three feet and then BOOM. I hit the wall hard, landed on my shoulder that has a replacement joint, slammed it hard enough to break the wall plate and leave the imprint of said plate on my shoulder. I hurt my arthritic knees and twisted my bad foot. (It really is a bad foot.) I saw stars when my head smacked the wall and I free floated out in space for about ten seconds. I don’t think I fully passed out, but I did see stars. When I could breathe again, I sat up. I’m not sure, but I think angels sat me up and shook me back together because I was shocked when I sat up and realized, I just might be okay. Did I mention that I saw stars? In addition, something strange happened when I hit the wall…I saw my life experiences flash by and I saw the end of this stage of existence for me. I remember thinking, wow; this is what death feels like. I even thought that I was glad that I had almost finished the book, “Proof of Heaven,” A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife, by Eben Alexander, M.D. because it had given me strong reinforcement on what I already believed. I heard my husband calling my name as he tried to help me but his voice sounded as if he was miles away. I held my sitting position until the room stopped spinning and then I stood up, slowly. I made it to the couch and he brought me two ice packs, one for my head and one for my shoulder. My shoulder was already bruised and throbbing. Of course, I would fall on that shoulder.

All that happened a few hours ago, so I’m sure I will be okay. I’ll probably get my shoulder and my head x-rayed tomorrow, if it seems like I should. I hate that box. It happened so fast and I tried to keep my balance, but I couldn’t. The accident really made me think about how life can change in a split second. Also triggered memories of my mom falling, breaking her neck and dying a week later.

Saturday. Okay, it’s the morning after. I feel all right, very sore shoulder and a nice pounding headache to go with the nice lavender bruise on my cheekbone. Can you break an ear? Well, if you can, I did.

It could have been so much worse. The fall was bad enough that from today on (Sunday) I am going to accept each day as a bonus from Heaven.

I survived the weekend, painfully and carefully, but when I saw my doctor for a regular appointment today (Tuesday) she sent me to get a CAT scan of my brain and an x-ray of my shoulder. Every medical person who I dealt with today was upset that I wasn’t checked the night I fell. I really don’t understand why I didn’t go get checked out either. I knew I hit hard when I fell and I thought about going to the 24-hour walk-in clinic, but I decided I was too tired and I think the bang to the head disoriented me. Anyway, tests turned out okay, no broken bones or compromised skull, no brain bleeding, just a slight concussion, which I already knew.

However, I was traumatized twice, because when I checked in to Radiology for the CAT scan, I was told I had to pay a $275.00 co-pay to get my head examined. First time this has happened to me, thank you Obama Care. I now officially pay 50% more for 50% less insurance. If the headaches aren’t gone by next Tuesday, I may have to see a neurologist. If the doctor orders an MRI, looks like we’ll be mortgaging the house.

by Jeanne Marie

14 thoughts on “Head Banging”

  1. You poor thing! That is horrible and souunds like something i would do…i swear i am always hurting myself..I’m a klutz and have no “grace”.

    I’m glad it is nothing more serious than a slight concussion. Take care of you!

    ((gentle hugs))


  2. OH wow! Now that explains you silence. I’m so sorry it took me till today to get over here and read. I feel bad. I’m so sorry sweet friend. I seriously thought you needed a break so I was waiting to see how you were. You mentioned that you posted about it and this week was a nightmare till today and I didn’t hear from you so I thought I better get over here. WOW! Are you ok?


  3. Wow! Glad you’re ok. I flew in the air years ago like that fir to a doggie fence my daughter set up for her new puppy. I’d fallen asleep in the living room, when I turned out the lights to go to bed, I’d forgotten that darn fence. Had a fatty mouth and stitches on my chin. Good bless you, you’re ok.


  4. Oh, my, bless your heart. I’m so sorry all this happened to you. I pray the Lord heal all your wounds and that you feel 100% better very, very soon. Love and hugs, Natalie 🙂


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