why is it so hard to breathe

I can’t breathe

I try to draw air into my lungs

nothing happens no air no air

my lungs are locked frozen

you used up my share of air

with your angry sizzling words

anger has sucked the oxygen

right out of this room

this is wrong so wrong

please be quiet please

please let me breathe

I gasp and gasp and gasp

The questions begin.

What is wrong with you?

Why are you so upset?

What the f— did I do?

my tears are flowing

no shortage of water

wrapping my arms

so tight around myself

I almost feel my ribs crack

I am having a panic attack

croaks from my throat

the attempt to speak

unlocks my lungs

air roughly forces its way in

it hurts as I choke it back out

broken lungs, broken spirit

satisfied with my answer

secure that it wasn’t your fault

after all, I made you so mad

when I said that

you were smothering me

and I hurt your feelings, so

you knew it wasn’t your fault.

you walk out the front door

drive away from my emotions

air rushes back into the room

as soon as you close the door

but now, but now I’m not sure

if I even want to breathe anymore.

by Jeanne Marie

10 thoughts on “breathing”

  1. I love this sweet friend! Another emotion I totally understand and why are we able to breath when they leave? I do believe as you do. My sister has terrible panic attacks. I just have boughts of extreme silence and invisibility. This awesome! Well done! I love your expression! Wow and from your wedding cake. I think I smashed mine!


    1. Ya, no sacred ground when I’m upset! I’m never sure if I should share the down side of me. So, I just do it and hope to post an upside in between. I’ll email you the picture I used first on my WWTTM book. It was my wedding pic. I still like that cover too.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ok that sounds great! I love your photos from today! They are amazing! I’m still at work by choice I have all my stuff here and it’s really my haven. Hope your day was a good one! Hugs and much love to you!


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