Could Not Leave, Could Not Stay



Could Not Leave, Could Not Stay
touched, loved, held safe in my hands
until he was free on the floor.
where life knocked him down
and then he smiled no more.
memories of his face, turned toward me
small helpless child, eyes wide with fear.
lost moments, chances not taken
sucked up by time
washed away, year by year.
his precious innocence
his trusting smile,
soul bruised by words
so unkind, to that child.
and then time, it was lost
freely given, but oh, the cost.
could not leave, could not stay
trapped by fears
till the future became today.
could not leave, could not stay
a man stands on my floor,
mom, don’t cry, he pleads with me
it doesn’t matter anymore.

by Jeanne Marie

11 thoughts on “Could Not Leave, Could Not Stay”

  1. It takes a lot of courage to share the wounded side JeanneMarie! One never knows what they might do when faced with such a scary life time. Walk a mile in your shoes then they can say. From one who has I applaude your courage and a voice for those who have walked and continue to walk this path. Sometimes there is no choice till you are ready to see it! Hug hugs and my love to you sweet friend! ❤️❤️❤️


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