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Other’s Eyes

2013-08-29 12.48.16

Butterflies flit around my face

morning does not stay

minutes turns to hours

as I duel with weeds and play.

I go out front and gasp

stock-still, in awe I stand

loving flowers of every hue

petals are caressed with hand.

Sun sets, splashing orange

and yellow across the sky

stunning, breathtaking

fiery colors fast-slipping by.

“Dear God, is this all just for me?”

“Child of nature, thumbs of green

butterfly whisperer, home garden queen,

send your pictures to other’s eyes

and they will bless all who see.

by Jeanne Marie

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7 thoughts on “Other’s Eyes

  1. What a STUNNING post…your writing is incredible. Is there anything you can’t do? Wait, don’t answer that, cause depending on how you answer I’ll disagree. I feel you’re very talented and have a very kind heart! Thank you. xoxo


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