What The Heck?

I have a problem with needing to keep refollowing blogs I have followed for years.
I would understand if it happened once or twice, but it happens four or five times per week.
Who is unfollowing my favorite blogs? I know it isn’t me.
Anyone else notice this glitch?

Bloggers I follow, thank you for sharing…

If I follow your blog, there’s a reason, and it’s not because you follow mine, although you may have come to my attention when you followed me.
I go to your blog out of respect and if I find something that I love, something that I can feel, I follow you.
I don’t really know the proper etiquette, but that works for me.
I also use key words to search and I love finding your treasures.
I found my favorite blog https://tellmeaboutit.co/ in my first few months of blogging, and this awesome writer and graphic artist has become one of my dearest friends, and my partner at thinkingpinkx2.com. https://thinkingpinkx2.wordpress.com/
Opening yourself up in this crazy new world, where people online are judge and jury and you are guilty until proven innocent, is incredibly brave.
So, I want to thank you all for sharing…