Gypsy on the move…again.

I left Florida for Vermont last week. After three hard days of driving, arrived in Heaven. We bought an old (1880) farmhouse on two acres, surrounded on three sides by cornfields. Fourth side is a beautiful river.
We bought this house without ever seeing it in person and it’s everything we prayed it would be and more. Even has an RV hookup for my tiny home.

16 thoughts on “Gypsy on the move…again.”

  1. God, I love your place Jeanne!! Lucky you guys! Really you bought this sight unseen? Photos on the internet? How many acres? How many square feet? You are doing your Walden Pond? Ha!
    So very happy for you, My Dear!! yeah!

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    1. I lived a year alone in my little home and will spend the summer in it. Travel not wise right now and I can’t even believe I have my own spot on this little piece of heaven. My husband and i have learned to get along when we have space. Now we are apart, together. The house even has been split into two apartments. God is awesome, leading us home to New England and we only paid $89,000 for this perfect place. So house sixteen it is. I’m writing a book called 15 Houses and I swore to never own another, but here I am. Now my title is 15 Houses, Plus One. Hugs, JM


      1. oh, I so love everything about this. cannot wait for the book! a perfect title. isn’t it interesting how the universe somehow puts us in a perfect time and place, not always in a way we expected, but perfect nonetheless. I think if I ever have another long term relationship, I might enjoy having both places, I’m so used to space, but also love time together, so it would give me a calm balance.

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