Thank you, SPAM! I love you! 2020

SPAM seems to be trending as an affordable food during tough times, and also as a favorite choice for security and comfort during the Pandemic.
The much loved meat is being sold on web sites for crazy prices lately, and in Hawaii, it is being locked up to prevent theft.
I love SPAM, and it was my mum’s favorite breakfast. I was pleasantly surprised to read how simply it’s made. There is even a SPAM museum and gift store.
Check out the links under my picture.

SPAM Six simple ingredients.

SPAM Museum



SPAM Heists! Really!

SPAM Prices Rise

23 thoughts on “Thank you, SPAM! I love you! 2020”

  1. Loved this! Yes, I learned about how crazy Hawaii is for Spam!! Great post!! Saw a follow button and was surprised because I have already been following you, but I know WP has had serious issues on dropping followers so I happily followed you again – With gusto!! LOL! Love your posts!!

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      1. I’m so happy too. I can never tell if someone is taking time off or WP messed up!! Trust Me, you are not the only one. I spent about 45 minutes going back and forth with them. Here’s what’s weird and why I haven’t freaked about it. So often I click on someone’s Daily Digest alert and go to their posts for the day and see WP showing I’m not following them. Really, because I just clicked on an alert WP sent be. Stupid weird!! Always love reading your posts, My Dear and now I can keep be on the look out to see that they are delivering your posts to me!!!
        Wishing you a happy day!! Please be safe out there! Are you going Stir Crazy? I sure am!

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  2. Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam. You need to have eggs to go with your Spam. We never had Spam when I was a kid because my dad hated it. He said that’s mostly what they had to eat when he was stationed in England during WWII.

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      1. I love tater tots. We use cast iron skillets. We have a 16″ cast iron skillet that’s great for making big batches of food for freezing.

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          1. I hope you watch Monty Python’s Spam skit every now and them to get a good laugh? Every time I cut down a tree, Laurie makes me watch their Lumberjack skit.

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