The War Zone

Just did my first shopping in about a month. I do it for one month at a time and OMG, the Beast was out. The ugly-ugly was awake at Walmart, dancing at Walgreens and flying up and down the parking lots.
I read that you should have two weeks of food in case you are quarantined. I had an empty fridge, so I needed to shop anyway.
Everything that I would’ve liked to buy for virus prep was out of stock, except toilet paper. I have to say, I always buy toilet paper, virus or not. Just like I wash my hands, virus or not.
Anyway, God love Walmart. They were loaded up with toilet paper. People were grabbing it as quick as it was put it out, but they did have toilet paper. I didn’t hear that diarrhea was a symptom of the virus, but maybe people know something that I don’t.
Not sure why there is a negative effect on the stock market, maybe because people are spending their life savings on toilet paper.
Water, nope. Bleach wipes, nope. Hand sanitizer, nope. Vitamin C, nope.
(I believe in Vitamin C. I’m not alone because it was gone from three stores.)
Original Spam, nope. However, I did score two cans of Spam with Bacon.
Peanut butter, yes. Jelly, yes.
I did my normal shopping and I refused to panic, but I did buy cough syrup.
I don’t plan on running out to Walmart to look for anything else.
There was a ton of people in Walmart coughing and choking. They were wearing masks, but still, I didn’t feel particularly safe. Actually, I never feel particularly safe in Walmart.
I will say I was very polite amidst the chaos, until I was trying to leave the store and when I got out to the parking lot. My daughter would have been so proud of me, for a while.
The employee at Walmart’s exit spent five minutes scanning my items and checking my receipt as the line to get out the door grew. I asked her if she thought I had a $196.00 receipt and needed to steal something, so she cut my interrogation short.
Then, I pulled out of my handicap parking space, and there was only one direction I could go in, with a car behind me trying to take my space before I vacated it, and of course, the arrow on the road was pointing the opposite way.
One gentleman was honking and honking his horn to make sure that I knew I was going the wrong way, and he also tried to block my way. I rolled down my window and, he yelled, “You’re going the wrong way.”
Remembering the movie, Planes, Trains and Automobiles, I asked him how he knew which way I was going!
He snarled and threw his hands up in the air and that’s when I knew he wasn’t a John Candy fan.
So, I said, “Sorry, it was the only direction I could pull out, without backing out of the entire Walmart parking lot with cars behind me and I don’t think that would have worked.”
He said, “That is your problem,” and I said, “Guess what? It’s your problem now!”
And it was his problem because people were yelling at him for blocking my way.
I really don’t understand the problem to begin with, because although the arrows suggest a direction, there was plenty of room for two cars in the lane and he just was being ugly.
I have had to let people go by me the wrong way a hundred times. (Or else they were letting me by. LOL) Corvette Red, not faded white, would be a better color for those arrows.
Cashiers at Walmart were wearing masks and gloves. I think they should have been doing that all along. Have you seen who shops at Walmart? Oh yeah, I shop at Walmart. Oh well, you can’t beat the prices.
The people at the Dollar Tree were calm and polite, customers and cashiers, and it proves my theory that the less money we have, the nicer we are to each other.
The cashier at Walgreen’s had a face mask and gloves, and looked scared, so I’m guessing this is going to be the New Normal.
Anyway, I’m home after three hours of shopping; although, I feel like I’m living in a dystopian novel and I just visited the War Zone.
May God help us all and save us from ourselves.

10 thoughts on “The War Zone”

  1. Love it. You made me howl with laughter. I think you just might be my sister from a different mother. Virtual hugs. I would high-five you but we’re out of alcohol in our WalMart. LOL

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  2. Everyone in the UK has gone mad too. I’ve heard there are half used bottle of hand sanitizer being sold for silly money on the web. It’s only soap with a tiny bit of alcohol added! Sorry you had such an abysmal experience.

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  3. If people spent less time panicking and more time getting information about the “crisis” there wouldn’t be any crisis. Unless you are elderly and have respiratory problems, you are unlikely to catch the virus.

    If you haven’t had the annual flu shot you are probably more at risk of getting sick – from influenza. Turns out the flu kills 250,000-500,000 annually worldwide, but we don’t seem to panic about that.

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  4. The joys of shopping. I’ve started using Walmart’s delivery service. It’s a great deal. Did you get some eggs to go with that spam?

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