(#9 SHE Saga) Big Girls

She takes me by surprise this morning. She’s awake and she’s crying.
“What’s wrong, She?”
“I don’t know.”
“Come mere, Baby.”
I open my arms and she comes to settle on my lap, her little face pressed against my heart.
I’ve had more patience with her lately because she has been working with me, instead of against me, since I got God involved.
As I gently rock her, she whispers, “I’m scared and I’m sad and I’m feeling lost.”
“Oh, baby girl. I have those feelings too. It’s okay to feel uncomfortable when everything is changing.”
“We won’t get in trouble?”
“No, we just can’t act out. We have to be big girls and work through our pain and the anxiety without hurting ourselves or anyone else.”
“We are taking a huge leap of faith, She. Selling and giving away most of our possessions, planning an unfamiliar lifestyle, rolling full time in our little house on wheels. It’s normal to feel afraid and to feel sad and lost sometimes.”
“But that’s just our feelings and we can jump over them and be brave. God has us. It’s no coincidence that we sold the house in two weeks.”
She blows her nose on my clean tee shirt and I smile.
A month ago, I would’ve have yelled at her, and thrown her off my lap to rip off my snotty tee shirt.
She has come so far in these past few weeks that I almost forgot that she was still here.
Thank you, Jesus.

(# 1 SHE Saga) She Wants What She Wants

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