Birds On A Wire

Women Who Think Too Much by Jeanne Marie


“What do you think she is doing up so early?”
“I don’t know, but I heard her say that it’s Cole’s first day of school.”
“Who is Cole?”
“Her grandson, you dimwit. You hear her talk about him all the time.”
“You don’t gotta be rude! I forgot. It’s not like she has one grandkid. She has thirteen of them!”
“Why did she get up early for this day? Cole lives is in Oklahoma, right? It’s not like she can drive over to his house and take him to school.”
“Well, people are strange. I think she is going to travel to Oklahoma in spirit.”
“What is spirit travel?”
“From what I’ve heard her say, I think it’s when her body is in one place, but her heart and mind are in another place.”
“Wow! Is it like flying?”
“Sort of, but only her spirit of love flies, the body…

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