Time and Distance

Women Who Think Too Much by Jeanne Marie


I remember the pain I felt the first time I realized that my mom had grown older.
My heart broke that day, as I realized how frail the strongest woman in my life had become just since our last visit.
Today, at a newly turned 63, I fly to see my middle child, Jodie Lynne and she hasn’t seen me for two years.
I look good from 1800 miles away with the perfect lighting and a smart phone pose, but up close…
It will be the first time that she will realize that her mother is older. Much.
Human, not a super woman who can save the day…
Well, usually, I just mess up whom ever I’m trying to save, so that might be a good thing, LOL.
But she’s not going to like her mom’s newly acquired wrinkles.
It’s almost like the stamp of an expiration date upon my…

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7 thoughts on “Time and Distance”

  1. I think we all need to embrace our inner crones a bit more, & love ourselves as we age! What better role modeling for our young women can there be? Stay fit, stay feisty, and f*ck worrying about wrinkles earned by simply living life & being a feeling human being 💪🏼❤G


  2. Enjoy your visit. I remember when my late mum became old. I was sad and angry. Now I’m 62 and moving back to Europe. I won’t see my beautiful daughter so often. She’ll notice my wrinkles. I hope they don’t make her sad and angry.

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