A Note To Trey


Dear Trey, I don’t know if you believe me, but this is all true. Don’t waste this second chance at life that He has given you, love Grammy Jeanne

Friday evening after supper I began to grow very restless and I paced around the house.
My sister asked me what was wrong because it was her house I was pacing and I told her I was worried about one of my grandkids, that I had a really bad feeling that I was going to lose one soon.
She and I talked for a few minutes and then I said, “I’m not gonna lose a grandchild.”
I went outside and I raised my hands to the gray sky and I prayed that God would cover all my grandchildren with my angels. (Yes, I have angels watching over me and the more I send out, the more I receive.)
The next morning, Saturday morning, I was reading my angel cards and I took a picture of the layout so I would remember which cards I had pulled…in one picture there was an unexplainable patch of white with a red spot sitting beside my cards in the picture. But the patch of white and the red spot didn’t exist on the table, only in th
e picture.
My sister Sue looked at it and said that’s an angel. When I turned it to view it the way I had taken it, it was an angel with pink wings and a big red blood spot in the middle of her face…
So, then I don’t think too much of it till Saturday night when I get the call from my daughter, telling me that my 17-year-old grandson Trey had been shot in the face.
He had suffered a lot of damage to his lower jaw, but he was alive and the prognosis was good.
I knew then…my angels had indeed covered him, kept him alive, kept him from severe brain damage and I knew that one special angel had shown me on Saturday morning that she had him covered with the blood of Jesus.
Thank you God and thank you angels. Amen







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