Pink Dreams…by Jeanne Marie



“Shhhhhh…she’s sleeping! Be quiet! Stop giggling!” Pink demanded.

Giselle yawned, “I’m just going to lie down on the bed and close my eyes for a little bit.”

“No! No you won’t!” Pink said. “We have to watch her all night. If we fall asleep, her nightmares will come.”

Gathered around the bed, the angels had been preparing to settle in and protect the woman as she slept when Sunny had started to tickle Giselle with a feather from her wing.

Then all the angels had caught the giggles, joining the game, tickling each other with wing feathers.

Their giggles still lit up the dark room, as pink energy swirled around them.

The woman lay sleeping, but she was kicking the blankets off her legs. She started to toss and turn, mumbling as tears started to drip from her eyes.

“Okay, okay, stop!” Pink said.

Pink’s stern command reminded them why…

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