Already Rich…




Although I would really like to win the lottery to help my family and friends, have money to fund shelters for the homeless, find ways to help women just released from prison and to be able to donate to dog rescue organizations, I am already rich.
I have flowers, fruit trees, a pink and yellow porch, the love of a damn good man who is sometimes cranky but accepts my crazy, three beautiful kids who at this minute are all speaking to me, fourteen grandchildren who think I’m Santa Claus, three great-grandchildren who will learn that I’m not Santa Claus, two funny angel Chihuahuas, a heated pool, an awesome house, my angel daughter-in-law Jessica, two incredible sisters, one whacked-out funny brother, a blue tooth speaker, a karaoke machine, butterflies who come when I call them….and I live in Florida.
I have thinkingpinkx2 to keep me on the Pink road and my wonderful friend who is the best half of thinkingpinkx2, Michelle Marie.
I have unlimited, low-cost air travel and I can grow an African Violet.
What else could an old (er) lady want?
Well, maybe some new skin and better bones, fake boobs and the hair I had at seventeen, but I have to say, even without those adornments, I am already rich.

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8 thoughts on “Already Rich…”

  1. Oh yay I love this so much! It’s so wonderful! Thank you for the mention! I love the porch it’s perfectly Pink! The look on Kita and Maggie Mae’s faces are priceless. You did a great job capturing them! I love this post! 😀 I love you! ❤


    1. Thank you so much! It felt good to take a quick inventory of just some of the blessings in my life. This was actually a silly text to my son and I liked it.
      Thank you for coming by so often and for your kind comments, Jeanne Marie


    1. I have found a few that help, but I buy mine on clearance cause they are so expensive! Living in Florida since 2007 and I didn’t think about sunscreen till my ears were incredibly burnt a few years ago, oh my.


      1. Here in Denmark there was a resistance against sun cream until some years ago. So sometimes you don’t know what is right and wrong. But we need the sun for the D -vitamin, but not to be burnt. Here the products from the fine makes are extremely expensive.

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        1. They are here too, but with the current economy, many expensive, good creams end up at the discount stores on clearance. I used Suave Baby Cream for 30 years, about 3 dollars for 16 ounces. But they changed the formula and I was allergic. If you have Oil of Olay there, you can get it with sunscreen and it works! A family secret. Not secret now! I just blogged it! Jeanne Marie

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