Pink-Are We All We Are~Pink kinda day

Pink’s last two cd’s never leave my car or my computer…love this and you, JM

Tell Me About It

Ya’ll a couple of weeks ago someone with this Twitter user name @pinklpinkk started following me. I love this person’s quotes and I followed in silence, so do they and I love it. This morning I’ve been listening to Pink’s CD “The Truth About Love” I love it. It’s like a charge to those like myself Love, the Love kinda LOVE has always been represented by pain and sometimes you just get tired or hurting and afraid of Love. This song to is like a battle cry to me. I love this woman’s strength and her undying determination to be all she can be inspires me.

I thought of my girl friends that are ot afraid to show their pissed off side. I love that they take a stand for what they believe and aren’t afraid to ruffle feathers and piss people off.

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