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About thinkingpinkx2@wordpress.com Created by Jeanne Marie & Michelle Marie



Created by Jeanne Marie & Michelle Marie! We put our PINK brains together to share our love for all things PINK and to share the concept of Pink Therapy.

Pink Therapy
Hi, my name is Jeanne Marie. My partner in thinkingpinkx2, Michelle Marie, is the spark that fired up this blog. She is so flipping awesome, creatively and spiritually.
The concept of Pink Therapy zapped me the moment I saw her post, “Meet Me Under The Pink Trees.”
Pink was a love I had always nurtured quietly, thinking it was just for little girls, but something in her Pink Trees released a flood of soothing healing and I have Pinked boldly and proudly since that moment.
I always loved Pink but her Pink trees took my love of Pink to an extremely, intense level. I realized that her shots (posts) of Pink caught my mind and held it still. I relaxed and…

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