Thank You, Blogs I Follow!

Thank you, Blogs I Follow!
As I explored my Blogs I Follow reader page today, I was amazed, overwhelmed, informed and left breathless. No surprise, those are normal reactions for me when I roam your sites. The sheer amount of the combined talent leaves me in awe and thankful that I discovered you, the world of creative writers and artists.
The best part? I know your treasures are waiting for me, anytime, 24/7.
Follow me over to my Writers category for just a few of the, umm? TREASURES I FOUND!
I may have to start a new blog just for your treasures! Whether I have re-posted you or not, you are appreciated and loved, my Blogs I Follow.
Jeanne Marie

22 thoughts on “Thank You, Blogs I Follow!”

  1. Well congrats to you!! We are both twins!!! I just announced my one year mark too. How generous of you to write this about the blog you follow…how typically kind and generous of you:) Blessings, Oliana

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  2. I couldn’t find your address but you were mentioned in my award post. Thankfully because I saw you, I got your address and updated the post, grin. I know you don’t do awards but because I love you, I wanted you in there. xo


  3. Congratulations on your one year on wordpress. I love the picture – is that your feet? I’m very happy to have connected with you as well. πŸ™‚

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