I Will Be Busy Today


Today I will get up out of bed and
I will tuck my pain inside a pretty box.
I will close the cover and I will leave my pain there.
Today I will thank God that I can move and that I can walk.
Today I will exercise my body and I will feed my soul.
Today I will enjoy the flowers in my delightful garden.
Today I will give thanks for all that I have gained and
I will send into the clouds the pain for all that I have lost.
Today I will give a piece of my time to someone else.
Today I will not say any negative
words to myself or to anyone else.
Today I will not acknowledge or take into my heart any
negative words that are spoken to me.
Today I will feel the earth beneath my feet, I will let the sun
warm my soul and I will connect with the spirit of life.
Today I will open my mind, my heart
and my soul to all that I can create.
Today I will ask God to touch and surround
both my loved ones, and my enemies,
with angels as they walk their own path.
Today; if I dare forget to be grateful,
I will take out the memories of each
of my children’s and my grandchildren’s hugs and
I will let the memory of their precious faces surround me.
I will be busy today.

Jeanne Marie

6 thoughts on “I Will Be Busy Today”

  1. I got the shivers reading your note. (That’s a good thing.) Thank you for your words. That’s why I had to dig through my past, so I could understand it. Plus, before my mom died, I promised to publish the book for her. I’m still codependent to some extent, might always be, but I work at setting boundaries and respecting my own needs daily. I can’t be anyone’s hero. I’m just a woman who thinks too much in public! TY for your beautiful words.


  2. Today as I let the warm water envelop me something happened to me and I wasn’t understanding what was happening…the tears that ran down my face were much hotter compared to the shower…trust me…my shower was pretty hot…I went to bed thinking of you and our encounter. I realized what was happening…I was going back in time to that chunky so very broken girl in the picture…excuse me if there are typos..my screen is blury from the tears that flood my eyes…it was bad and I bounce around playfully like a comic on my blog but I came such a long way and my addictive ways of acting towards men…fixating on them may have been healed…thank you God…but there is still a little girl inside that had her parts of her body broken yet still chased after a man who would spit in her face…wow…it hurts to remember how bad I was..you name the book..I bought it thinking it would cure me…My huge success towards being able to be ok with Catalina and actually be happy for the first time in her life wouldn’t be possible without first dealing with that obsession. I want to thank you for that powerful reminder. I have been reading your articles…WOW..I was actually there with you….you are truly my hero


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