Sometimes the Toilet Overflows — Mama’s A Mess

It’s never a good time for a life changing circumstance to explode into your life. Sometimes, your only choice is to contain the mess until there’s time to clean it up.

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don’t let go.




I never quite see

how You are active

In this world. I only

know when I sit sully

and ask You to come in

& do something on another’s

behalf – it’s as if Your spirit

dances & breathes where no

one else sees. Yes, indeed, I’ll

move the mountains to their

unbelief. To yours, my beloved.

I’ll kiss your cheek with mercy

to start again, to keep the fire

burning because it is Mine to

keep ablaze. The love with

overflow – the smile will grow.

You just watch what I’ll do.

I’m so near,

fmf: active.

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Honor Among Thieves

Timeless Classics


When younger I thought it my role
Always be in good control
Pain ne’er got from me a whimper
Nor would I ever lose my temper

All that self sacrifice got me
All that caution only bought me
To anonymously dance
Mid public indifference

No one thought me at all wise
More somebody to despise
Certainly nobody who
Anyone would listen to

Then came to me such suffering
As doth a good impatience bring
For those who practise any other
Than consideration for their brother

To past practises treas’nable
At times may seem unreas’nable
But along with it somehow
They listen more respectfully now


The poet/editor of this website is physically disabled, and lives at a fraction of her nation’s poverty level. Contributions may be made at:

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Enough List

Love this list…

Cicco Lady

  1. Enough hiding your emotions under 100 blankets.
  2. Enough lying to yourself and to others.
  3. Enough being lazy.
  4. Enough counting on others.
  5. Enough believing in unicorns and fairies.
  6. Enough looking back.
  7. Enough holding anger.
  8. Enough hopping.
  9. Enough expecting.
  10. Enough being tired and sick.

What is on your top 10 enough list?

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The Fosters: Mack Settling In

The Blessing of Animal Companions

Well, Mack has been with us almost 48 hours so far – Saturday evening until mid-afternoon Monday now, and he’s doing very well. Saturday evening he was all over the place and exploring and checking things out, and pretty chipper. Sunday he figured out he wasn’t going home, I think, and he kept going to the door all day, and peed about every hour or two. Could be a UTI, and could just as easily be stress, as he has been fine today.

We took Mack for a bath on Sunday, and his itchiness has improved a good bit. He’s now on a very high quality food, and we’ve added some probiotics, pumpkin, and Grizzly Salmon Oil to his food. He has seasonal allergies, and these additives seem to be helping, along with the bath. He has hardly been scratching himself the last day, and seems much more comfortable.


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Love is a Battlefield — Poetry For Healing

Love is a Battlefield Exhausted from treadingthe uneven ground that is youI step back into black shadowsCraving anonymity and peaceFatigued from sparring andexchanging elevated vocabularyScratching and clawingat the remnants of our lifeAn escape merely a detourWishing for better fortuneAvoiding more conflictYet ultimately surrenderingto the unseen enemyFor love is a battlefieldChristine Bolton – Poetry for Healing…

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