Seeds of Opportunities

Source of Inspiration

There is no such thing as failure,
bad marriages, wrong jobs, nor are
there stupid people, impossible
families, or hopeless situations.

Ha! you say, You do not know my spouse,
family, job!

Yes, I do because I have been in
failed relationships, jobs I hated,
with people who bored me, situations
that drove me to despair.

After years of enduring, I finally
learned that in every person, in every
situation, there lies seeds of opportunities
to learn, to grow, to become.

It is my lack of compassion that makes
me see a person’s negative behavior,
rather than his seed of pure love
energy within, waiting to blossom.

It is I who needs to change my perspective
when I feel frustrated with a situation,
instead of asking, what can I learn here?
What has brought this into my life?
And once I have grasped the seeds of
opportunity, what must I…

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You are so courageous and an inspiration to me. I’ve had times I had to use dictation to write and the more I used it, the better it understood me. I love your writing, thank you for not giving up. Jeanne Marie

Something bad has happened to me today and it will make it even harder for me to write and to communicate with people. Typing has become impossible now, and I will always have to use my Dictation software.

I am in a great deal of pain and using my iPad has become even more difficult and I can only use it for a short period of time. This means that I will not be responding so easily and quickly as I have been doing. I am able to write my poems and my little bits of prose okay and I am learning how to post them without seeing what I am doing but it is very very hard to learn. I am not doing too well at the moment and also the dictation software does not always work correctly and it hears words wrong way and sometimes what is written…

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Unsaid things

This writer made my morning special.

In mind and out

have you ever wandered the dynamics of unsaid things?
the lost words that gather in melancholy parties in the corners of our minds
filling their cups with punch half full of shame and spilling over with fear
until you are so drenched
you feel like you’re drowning in a viscous liquid of regret
those kind of thoughts never go home
and nobody knows that your mind is this awkward disco
when the lights go off
you take your noisy thoughts and unsaid things with you to bed,
where they stay up and give you insomnia and nightmares
in the morning
you can taste their ghostly outlines on the tip of your tongue
and you douse them with coffee and try to forget
those unsaid things

image: unsplash

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Decluttering sadness

I emptied a ten room house and let 50 years of memories go. I identify so strongly with this talented writer’s words. ❤🙁❤

In mind and out

My name is sadness.

We know each other well.

Today I’ve been nesting.

I’ve been in your cupboard, the one under the stairs, haunted by the ghost town of your life.

I put on old songs and found fragments, litter, so many broken shards. Old photographs of friends, abandoned in their frames.

A box of precious love notes.

A watch stuck on some unknown time, given to you by your father.

That reminds me, where is he now?

A trickle tear as you cradle the watch in your mind.

Oh! Yes, I’m pleased you noticed! I’m wearing that sweater, the one you were wearing when you kissed your first love goodbye.

You and I have discussed this.

These items are relics. Your only connection to your past.

Those days gone, you can never get them back.

Put this sweater on, inhale it, walk with me down the lane where you…

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A sunrise in a mask


In mind and out

She likes to hide herself in metaphors
Like how a bruise could be a sunset
in a purple sky
or how she blends herself with shadows
in the corner of your eyes
where she can’t see herself –
she is a sunrise in a mask
and she blinks herself away
and writes a different version,
one that isn’t laced with pain

Artwork: Jérôme Birti

Gaze into the Abyss

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Especially for you

I love this story…

Savvy Raj

I went to a hotel. After seeing the menu ordered some food .

After 20 minutes a group of youngsters around 10 people came n sat at the next table and ordered their food.

It arrived in a short while and they started eating speaking very loudly and shouting amongst themselves.

One of them noticed me and said ridiculousy that he is having good contacts in that hotel, hence food was served to them immediately and they need not wait like beggars .

I felt insulted and felt like cancelling my order. I called the waiter to do so.

The waiter told me quietly, sir ,your order is very special to us . So our chief chef is making it specially for you. Their order was prepared by our trainee chefs in a hurry as ur food is getting ready by our chief chef.

So I waited patiently for some…

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The Choice to Love

Source of Inspiration

hearts on ocean

Love is built on choices.
There may or may not be
a clap of thunder at first,
but lasting love is built on
one decision at a time. It
takes a steady commitment, a
willingness to give. Love needs
compassion to thrive. It must
be free from judgment, and that
failing, must be willing to
forgive 77 times.*

Love is poetry
but even the poet
must be willing
to hold the pen.


Matthew 18:21-22
Then Peter came to Jesus and asked, “Lord, how many times shall I forgive my brother when he sins against me? Up to seven times?” Jesus answered, “I tell you, not seven times, but seventy-seven times.

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