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Electric Press

I hope you had an enjoyable Christmas and this proves to be the start of a most amazing year for you.

We, at Electric Press, the quarterly literary insights magazine, are looking forward to our first issue for 2020, the February edition and would like to invite indie authors and small press publishers to submit articles, reports, observations, blog posts, life stories, short fiction, poetry and other great content for inclusion in this years editions of Electric Press.

In return, Electric Press will help you promote your latest book or series to our readers, run a short author bio including a publicity photograph and buy links, all free of charge.

Click on this link for details and how to submit:

The submissions deadline for the February edition of Electric Press is the 20th of January, so get your articles and information to us and let us…

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Searching Within Our Stories.

Dreamwalker's Sanctuary

The Story Within: Image Source

The Woman closed her book resting her palm on the cover. She traced the words of its title with her fingers as she thought deeply upon all the words written within its pages.

She pondered upon all the books which had been written all over the world. She began to imagine how many words in all the languages around the whole world were held within their pages… Trillions no doubt..

She marvelled at how those words, first were thoughts, each one plucked from the ‘Ether’, ‘the Field’ of intelligence within the consciousness, from within the mind of their creators. Each a story formed in fact or fiction from imagination.

How expertly those authors weaved their stories into the minds of those who read them. Each touching you in ways which left imprints of their stories which could make you either laugh or cry…

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No Resistance means We Surrender to our trauma!!!!

C PTSD - A Way Out



Healing was incremental for me, each plateau reached through concerted action over months. Nothing came easy or quick.

Complex PTSD from a childhood does not heal miraculously, quickly or easily. The mind was not fully developed when trauma entered its world. Hard to tell what is normal and what is the aftermath of abuse.

Aerobic exercise, therapy, reading, meditating, practicing acceptance, applying mindfulness and persistence each brought benefits for me. Sometimes all hope seemed lost but something inside refused to give up.

This trait is very important. Lots of setbacks, even perceived losses on this journey. That inner guide can be our savior in our low moments.

Meditating and mindfulness carved out a small secure space for me to survive. This space grew incrementally as I healed.

It was like climbing a ladder, each successive rung revealed more of the horizon, more of the path.

Acceptance was difficult…

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Terror follows sufferers of Trauma, PTSD

C PTSD - A Way Out

Pixabay: teeveesee



Our triggers elicit our greatest fears, enormous terror or immediate annihilation . They are stored at the height of a perceived lethal threat.

For some of us, that was an abusing giant in childhood, or a sexual predator catching us in their web of deceit.

In the future, anytime the body or mind connects an image, sound, smell or thought with this horror, our fight or flight mechanism will fire.

Our life has changed, lethal danger consumes our thoughts, space, life.

Hypervigilance has us searching each moment for danger.

Running, avoiding, denying or resisting empowers PTSD.

Think of PTSD as a fence around the equator, we are in the Southern Hemisphere, healing exists in the northern hemisphere.

We can not go around.

The only path is thru the trauma memories.

Meditation charts the quickest, safest path.

Healing is Counterintuitive!

Instead of avoiding, we accept our trauma…

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Back To Where It Began

The Written Addiction

I walked inside the main doorways to an upstate facility after a long car ride. I was still sweating out the demons of my last ride, so to speak. I was in a fog or, should I say was making my reentry from my last trip out of the atmosphere. As I was coming down from my high, time moved like a stop action film, one caption after another, and the trip I was on was destined to lead me to someplace I didn’t want to go.

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18 Characteristics of Codependents and 9 Truths to Support Recovery By Carmen Sakurai Last updated: 8 Jan 2020

C PTSD - A Way Out




“What Is Codependency?

Also knows as “relationship addiction,” the codependent is addicted to relationships and the validation they get from them. They will do whatever it takes, including sacrificing their own personal needs and well-being, to keep receiving this validation.

Root Cause of Codependency

Codependency is usually rooted during childhood. The child grows up in a home where their emotions are ignored or punished because the parent (or parents) suffer from mental illness, addiction, or other issues. This emotional neglect results in a child having low self-esteem, lack of self-worth, and shame.

Common Characteristics of Codependents

You are hyper-aware of other people’s needs so you become a caretaker to avoid being blamed for other people’s unhappiness and/or to feed your self-esteem by making them happy.

You believe that love and pain are synonymous. This becomes a familiar feeling so you continue to allow friends, family, and romantic…

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Accepting Fate

Welcome Jasmine!

The Jazz Apple

After all the brainstorming and putting my blog together I thought to myself: “Before I get deep into this thing with barely any followers or anyone paying attention, would anyone even view a piece of my content and give it a good Siskel and Ebert?” I’m so old skool. Remember them? Phenomenal people of the and the originals of review. I want know whether good or bad. Saying my work is great or it sucks…just in general if it would even get looked at to where people would want to follow me or even purchase my future works.

On @the.jazzapple I will have so many versions of my writings demonstrated as poetry, short stories, writings from my creative stance as a playwright, YouTube videos, and more. I have a whole list but I want to keep you in suspense and anticipating the release of my blog. My writings and everything…

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