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Finding Magic.



Once in a moon
you walk in a room,
With feelings
like you belong.

Once or twice in a life,
When the weather is nice,
And the sun heats up the sky
You will hear a unicorn sigh.

Just now and then
for a smidgen of time
You believe you are
The subject of a song.

If you lay, for a week and a day,
Watch the sun play in the trees.
You’ll see faeries take up a dance,
On the warmth of the incoming breeze.

By holding the thread at end of your bed,
You get to tug it once in your dreams.
The world turns blue especially for you,
And magic exists … So it seems.

pictures by pixabay

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The Repair Shop

Love this…


I have repeated many things I was too ignorant to repair.  At one point I merely thought I just had bad luck with relationships.  Many times I was told relationship failures were solely my responsibility.  In truth, healthy boundaries were nonexistent in my life, and it took lots of pain and loss for me to see that.  Now I understand that because I did not respect myself, I allowed others to disrespect me. So, there is some validity to the statement that my failed relationships were my fault.  I failed to repair my broken pieces and that invited manipulative, abusive people into my life.  The process of repairing is well underway but still incomplete making me fear any new relationship.  I am hopeful that someday I will be well enough to have a healthy relationship.  Until then being single and focusing on raising my children is more than enough to…

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Yesterday, today and tomorrow.


The past, present and future…while each are all individuals, none will not exist without the other. Without yesterday, there won’t be a today and without a today, there won’t be a tomorrow. Our friendships, relationships, views, values, have all been influenced by our past. Even who we are, has a great deal of what we experienced and who we intend to be. Everything is intertwined in our truth, what the world and society has taught us and what we want to build and identify as our own. But if you focus too much on the past or the future, somehow the present becomes a burden and hard to enjoy.

The past:

Résultats de recherche d'images pour « quotes about the past »If you are depressed, then you are living in the past. This is so true. We spend so much time reminiscing, wondering how we could have done things better. Hating and blaming ourselves and others in the process. Hiding…

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People with Camera

I love this post!


For all those who capture moments.

From the time I am here on WordPress, I have come across plenty of photographs from many different bloggers. All the photographs clicked by the camera person’s are superb. Many of the pictures speak a lot and by the help of tools the pictures are worth far more than a thousand words.

For me, a good photographer is one that communicates the fact, touches the heart and leaves the viewer changed person for having seen it. And Camera is a gadget that helps in capturing moments and not fading up the memories. I read somewhere that photography is an art, it is little to do with things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.

Few of my friends always ask someone to capture pictures of the present time they are enjoying and ya it’s great to keep pictures but as…

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Is Life Getting In The Way?


Is life getting in the way of your goals? 

If you believe life is getting in your way, it could be that you are focusing on the wrong ideas or goals. The reality is, life never gets in anyone’s way. That idea goes contrary to the laws of nature and is therefore improbable. 

When someone says life is getting in his or her way, what that person is really saying is that things are not going according to plan at the moment. When you are faced with something unexpected, the best course of action is to adapt and pivot.

We’ve all experienced times when life did not go according to what we’d wished or hoped for. But because things are not going our way does not mean we should abandon our pursuits. This phenomenon called life was never meant to be easy or difficult. Life is life—it just is. We…

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If You Ask Me

Eye candy…


If You Ask Me                    


Sindy Simms


If you ask me, ask me who

Who would paint a butterfly blue?


If you ask me, ask me who

Who would hang red feathers from string

Who would hear the angels sing?


If you ask me, ask me who

Who would dream a fairy tale

And who would tell it very well?


If you ask me, ask me who

Who would count the stars for you?


I would answer

It is me

I do

I will paint a butterfly blue

I hang red feathers on string

I can hear the angels sing

I can dream a fairy tale

And I can tell it very well

I would count the stars for you

If you ask me, ask me who

It is me

I do



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Out of emptiness…from Laurie


Tell Me About It

I needed a prayer card to hold from Laurie and this is what was next.

Out of emptiness comes the return of the fire – a bit of danger and destruction, the transformation of grief into treasured tenderness, immense compassion and love. Amen

I feel like she helps us all remember to go deeper to the core of what’s right here already! So thankful for her!

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