Making Changes

Source of Inspiration


What will it take
to make you see your’re
at the edge right now?
Like an angry bull
you kick and buck
never seeing that
what you’re doing
makes things worse.

There are times in our lives
when we must stop
this forward crash course
we’ve set, and think
about what we can
do instead. Too often
we blame others, even God
unwilling to see what role
we play, always
the victim to the end.

Start by being quiet
still, in expectation.
Think of one thing
you can change to turn
the situation around.
Each time you do this
you take control of your life
creating it as you wish it to be.

Take time each day
to go within, to ask for
guidance, to be grateful
for what you have.
In time, you will find
a better way
to live a life
of serenity.

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