From my Vermont gardens…

From my Vermont gardens…peppers, cukes, tomatoes and butternut squash.

Giant Romaine lettuce. 33 and 25 inches. I thought it was too pretty to eat and it just kept growing.

Butternut Squash

12 thoughts on “From my Vermont gardens…”

  1. Congratulations, Dear!! Wonderful success!! It was hard for me to see the butternut squash all set for the oven???? 😒😒 Have you the world’s best butternut squash?? Yum.

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      1. Come on, Dear!! You are killing me!! Teasing me knowing I love butternut squash!! Do you have a really good recipe for butternut soup!!! It’s really great as a soup?
        More farm reports?

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          1. Ok, truce on butternut squash talk!! Have you tried it as a soup? You should try it!!
            Hope you are still having a rush on your gardens!!! I’m guessing you are going to be getting your plans for Spring ready soon? What are your next crops coming in? And your trees?

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