I will not use it.

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I see that line every time I write something — in the old, old format. “SWITCH TO THE IMPROVED EDITOR” lurks above my editing every time I work. I would make it vanish if I could.

Why don’t I use the new improved format?

The new editor is definitely different, but it isn’t better. It’s more difficult to use. You need more steps to accomplish simple things.

Nothing has been done to improve the limitations of the original editing format. The spacing issues that have plagued every template I’ve used during the past six years are as bad or worse as are all the problems that come with pasting text from some other piece — even if it’s from another WordPress post. The “customization” has been reduced to the most simplistic possible format so you get choices like “Huge, Too Big, Too Small, Tiny, and…

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3 thoughts on “WHY DON’T I CHANGE TO THE “NEW” BLOCK EDITOR? WHY WOULD I?- Marilyn Armstrong”

  1. I agree!!! Won’t use it.
    In the ‘Old’ Editor, I can create my post in one block the way I want it to appear. My image can have a link to the original file, I can type in the Alt box in my Media Library the last time I used it. Then if I decide to use that particular image, I post it and change the Alt text to what I want to be read. CAN’T see how to do all this in the ‘New’ Editor.
    There other things missing but these are the most prominent.

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  2. The new block editor is horrible. I started using the basic editor found under Posts on the Admin page. It’s basic, but much easier to deal with.


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