Much Ado About Something

Hysterical and yup, we have all played this game. 💝💝💝

The Bag Lady

It’s Tuesday, last day of a short month which is good on the old paycheck. Speaking of that, just spent an hour and a half fighting a fraudulent charge on a cc I’ve had since 1967. So much for loyalty rewarding. They refused to take the charge off even though it was still pending and I just found out about it this morning.

Their response in a heavy, hardly understandable accent was they would put it up for dispute and I would receive a letter in about sixty days where I could fill out a form to deny it and then they would decide. Anyone else or is it just me again? I said if it’s pending you should be able to deny it now. As I said in my arcane post, I do not do well with these conversations, or online negotiations and she wouldn’t give me a…

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