4 thoughts on “WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN”

  1. Jeanne, You are an ANGEL for allowing this duet to happen – Big Hugs and Love! I am so happy with the way this intertwined our words into something beautiful and heartfelt. Your words so
    captured my heart and I am so deeply honored that you found my words worthy to abide with yours!
    I love the many ways you always find to make my month!!! Please, please don’t stop!! Mmm!
    Love sharing this with you, My Dear!! Would love to do many more – if you have a “Hankering”? LOL! Don’t ask? It’s a bit of silly that escapes from me once in awhile! You can start using New Englandistics on me too! Ha! You are just too Damn fun!

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      1. I sent you an email earlier and then a great poem that I think you will love that I would love, maybe just you, due to the topic, but maybe us if broadened out a bit. I have to laugh every time
        I think of the last line in this poem!! It cracked me up! I hope you love it as much!
        Anyway, something around those “early days”?? Ha1

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