5 thoughts on “A PAINTER AT HEART – REPRISE”

  1. OMG Jeanne!! I think you just made my whole month!!!! Consider yourself in a huge Bear Hug!! You, My Dear, are so special and kind to do this!!! I hope your followers appreciated it too!! I can’t tell you how thrilled I am that you did this! It made me go back and read it and I was quite stunned that these are words that I actually wrote??? So now I owe you for the precious gift you bestowed upon me by sharing this with your followers but also I am now indebted to you for being an editor/reader for my book!! Your choice became mine too for my book!! 😘💋🌹
    Thank you so much for this!! Please keep rummaging!! Ha! You are So Sweet!!!

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      1. Get out of town!! You do great!! I love your commenting! Short and sweet and simple is so often the most elegant, beautiful and deep!! Like your “Silence Whispers” That speaks volumes and in such wonderfully simple but still extremely profound way!! Those words immediately reached out to my heart and forced a response from me. Did you see my email on that? You are good at commenting! Deep thoughts? Hmm! Maybe more wondering and wistful than deep??
        And as for the responses, Well, that is just me using your comments to answer!

        So, I have about 30 poems to still choose so perhaps I can entice or tempt you into continued
        rummaging through my archives and have you pick the ones that speak to your heart? Your heart (thankfully) seems to be tuned into my words so well!!
        Thank you for all your sharing and reading of my work, Dear Jeanne!! 😁😍


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