NOTE: I wrote this last year, as half fiction. Links below are non-fiction.

As the virus spreads, and shelter in place orders are issued, then ignored, martial law follows.
We are all isolated from our loved ones now, even if they live five minutes away.
At first, we had video calls, Facebook. Then, our phones began to break down, our computers crashed, and we started to ration food and water, sleeping with our guns close by.
One generation after another, starting with Adam and Eve, all the way to us, the creators of nature-defying technology, which led to the apocalypse that is happening now.
The tech we all depended on personally and publicly, tech that we needed to run our utilities, police departments, doctors, hospitals, every aspect of our daily life; now, its absence will destroy us because our very existence depended on technology. We have woven our selfish needs into everything, even the clouds hold our overflow.
As the virus infects more victims, we are losing millions of lives, including the people who used to run the computers that ran everything. They are almost gone.
It wasn’t until my near death that I could see the entire history leading to today.
We thought we were the only ones.
I just learned that we are one batch and that another batch will be created when we are wiped out by our own actions. Maybe, the new batch will do it right.
The new batch will have a perfect world to begin with, but earlier batches have destroyed it all, just like us. Each batch has engineered the end of their world.
If you are curious, we are Batch 51.
Was I blessed, cursed, or just unlucky enough to be born when the end was coming to this batch?
I never wanted to see the final days. I never wanted to see the butterflies and the birds disappear. I never wanted to see the puppy mills, homeless people, abortions, wars, greed, and the pollution that destroyed the bees.
I never wanted to see the results of the viruses that our billionaire geniuses designed and scattered, the cancers they inflicted on us with chemicals, cancers that they could have cured
100%, but didn’t. They built a trillion-dollar industry on illness. Why would they cure anyone?
I never wanted to see people tear each other apart for shelter, food, and water.
What I wanted didn’t matter.
It is all part of the destiny we thought ourselves into, a dystopian nightmare and it is visible to me now, a movie looping in my mind.
What most of us have never understood is that we are here to learn how to love. We have trials and tests to conquer before we earn our return ticket return back to Him.
It was never meant to be an easy task.
Matthew 7:13-14 says, 13 “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. 14 But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.”
God created us. That was were we began; yes, every batch began with Him. We have not honored that connection.
The technology of the last two decades brought us to a new level of self sufficiency.
We even learned how to manipulate the weather. We decided if babies should live or die in their mother’s wombs. We have approved laws to kill newborns even outside the womb. Aborted babies’ organs and pieces are sold by the pound to the highest bidder. The human cells are in our vaccines, cosmetics and medicines, pureed and injected as youth potions for the ultra-rich Hollywood stars, used by Nestle to test flavors. Murdered babies’ hearts and organs sold on the Black Market.
By now you suppose this is fiction. Is it?
We became our own gods and that’s when the end was a forlorn conclusion. Money and possessions, power, and fame, just like the batches before us. He never gives up though.
He will be sending another batch to a renewed Earth, two thousand years after we finish destroying Batch 51.
It will take the earth that long to heal.
Millions have had the feeling that this wasn’t their first time around, and they were right.
My human form is in a coma right now. Despite all precautions, I have the new virus, the virus that is going to wipe out 96 % of humanity in the next month. It was in our water supply.
I’m above my body looking down, but people come and go, adjusting my ventilator, watching my pulse grow weaker. I heard a nurse say that they are waiting for me to die so that they can give the ventilator to a younger person. It was a mistake that they gave one to me, a sixty-year-old smoker.
There are pink cords attached to my feet which flow back down into my physical body’s center.
The strands are connecting my soul to my body and I won’t be able to leave until the cords are cut.
It won’t be long. The staff is becoming impatient.
I am as close to dead as can be and that’s why I am seeing the secrets revealed.
It is preparation for my journey and possible return in Batch 52.
I am no longer present in the tribulation; I am in a space apart and that’s why believe I will not be waking up from this coma.
Why else would this knowledge come to me? It would never be safe to let the world know the ending, and I am a writer, so that is the first thing that I would do upon awakening.
Write about it.
Engineered viruses, child sex-slaves, child abuse, domestic violence, 99% in poverty, drug addictions, locusts, fleas, ticks, bedbugs, mosquitoes, no-see-ums, rattlesnakes, scorpions, fire ants, killer bees, hurricanes, tornadoes, all the bad stuff that has increased one thousand fold, things that never made sense to me anyway, even before the increase.
I don’t know if I passed the tests that were assigned to me. I believe I’m in a holding space, waiting, and then everyone (dead and alive) that has passed their tests will rise together.
My own Hell would be returning with Batch 52.
5g was activated today.

NOTE: I wrote this last year, as half fiction. Links below are non-fiction.

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