Mommy Writes A Book

The act of holing up at home and liking it.

Symptoms may include but are not limited to:

Avoiding all news and social media, as well as the laundry.

Leaving people on read for extended periods of time, ranging from 2-3 days.

Excessive Pinterest rabbit holing and pinning shit you will never look at again.

Inability to change clothing for 2 days.


Opting for a bandana instead of a mask.

Irritability in forced social interactions with people who are obviously bored easy and more needy than you.

Overuse of toilet paper, because you have enough to last till July and need the storage space.

Going outside to throw a football because you miss sports.

Texting every ex going back 2 years to “check on their covid status”.

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4 thoughts on “Pandemicitus”

  1. I´m just tired of hearing from the church in my small town (is mine I´m Spanish) the Spanish hymn followed by positive music. I got it, I actually served in the Spanish army and did what most didn´t, I got it. After a month plus of hearing the hymn, not even me goes out and claps and yells. Might as well motivate yourself.
    But I do give them credit for their good will. But Jeeeeeesus Christ, it does get you a bit bored. Like in the army with all the music-slogans we had to know.
    I got it, things are bad and basically it´s up to you to survive or face death. It always comes to luck, in my experience specially army days, you can train and train and train, but at the end of the day the bullet is going to get you or not. Simple, for me. Don´t think about it too much, just know that there is a tragic and then maneuver around that as best you can, and with a smile if you can.

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