The Last Story, a Tribute to Dean Koontz

Excerpts from The Last Story

“It began with the thunderstorm last Monday, although I didn’t realize then what was happening. The storm was not contained to southern California; no, it encompassed the earth’s entire surface.
The last time I was able to flick through the satellite stations, the one hundred and fifty stations were all flashing emergency hurricane, volcano and tornado warnings.
Once each country became aware of the devastation being wrought around the world, confusion and panic became the new normal.”

“Several days have since passed. The electricity has been out since the night of that dreadful storm. I write by candlelight, because I will not sleep. I am driven by a need to record the horror that has become our reality. Perhaps if I force myself to commit the insanity to paper it will become a story, fiction.”

The Last Story  

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