Hope is More Virulent than Fear

Mitch Teemley


It was our last “normal” day together. Sunday (after online church, hmm), we ate at a favorite local restaurant (remember those?), and watched a movie at a local theater (remember those?). It was The Invisible Man, an excellent film about an invisible enemy. Speaking about invisible enemies…

The empty shelves at the supermarket were a bit jarring. But it wasn’t until we heard online that all of the restaurants in our state were now closed that we realized it had been our last normal day.

The invisible enemy has attacked, and the only defense we have is isolation, becoming virtual shut-ins so the growing coronavirus curve can be “flattened.” A vaccine will not be available until next year. Unless we stop the spread now, this virulent virus will kill, even at a “mere” 1% death rate, millions of people. (The Spanish flu killed up to 200 million people in a…

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