We do not want to suffer!

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PTSD - A Way Out




We do not want to suffer. For much of life this desire steers us away from danger.

If we have a mental disorder, (PTSD, depression, etc) avoiding brings more suffering.

I started out avoiding a few things to control my fight or flight firing. The adrenal stress response is preparing us for a lethal threat.

This state is filled with fear, anxiety and unrest.

It scares us because we seem to have no influence over it.

Mine fired when it wanted, my effort did nothing to stop it.

This behavior made things much worse. At bottom I spent six months in my dark garage, agoraphobic.

My fight or flight still fired ten plus times a day.

Escaping my mind was impossible.

My nervous system was upside down. Cortisol and adrenaline were at extreme levels, a day felt like a week.

Healing came when I faced my triggers…

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5 thoughts on “We do not want to suffer!”

  1. JM,. I just saw myself a few years ago in this. Not the fight or flight all the time, but hiding in fear of exposure. Not sure exposure to what, but very real and very frightening. And you know, I’m not sure what eventually brought me out of the whole situation but I seldom return to that place. In times of great stress I crawl back in my shell for a little bit of false security, but for the most part it is lying abandoned in a corner of my memory.
    Much love, ❤ 💕 💖 `

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    1. I know what you mean. It was a good article for me too. I’m s runner when i get triggered. I feel safe in my little trailer because it has wheels, but the only real safety is God. Running isn’t so bad, it’s the going back to things that I know will hurt me again that scares me. I have a hard time not disappearing, and struggle to resist going into shut down mode. Love you. ❤❤❤


      1. The struggle for me is remembering how safe I felt in my shell and knowing I can bring it all back out with little trouble. It might be because I’ve had active MS since I was eleven and running was never much of an option in real life, while I had this place inside filled with safe people, safe places and safe situations and could retreat there all the time with no effort. That place is still there and I’ve caught myself going back a few times lately as life becomes harder here on the outside. A few brief visits will do the trick for me now and I admit I’ve visited fir brief moments but the safety, while still there, doesn’t really help all that much now. 💖🌹

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