Lily Saunders is…

Lily is…an awesome young writer.

Better than yesterday

Lily Saunders is an elegant parcel,
Of hopes and dreams,
Gently lowered into a gifted jewellery box.

Lily Saunders is a loyal kea,
Loud and dramatic,
Covering those she loves,
Gracefully searching the skies.

Lily Saunders is a carousel
Seeing the world through rose-tinted glasses,
Hyper with an independent bubble for life.

Lily Saunders is a structured journal,
Tattered and torn,
Fighting many tough branches.

Lily Saunders is a beautiful beat-down minivan,
Filled with laughter and memories,
Leading up hills and praying behind.

Look here, not there
One girl is standing fair,
Chasing whispers amidst the breeze,
That is where Lily Saunders just might be.

This is a poem we had to do for English class and this is what I wrote and I wanted to share it because I am really proud of it. This is based off Ian Sharp’s poem which you can read!

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