Accepting Fate

Welcome Jasmine!

The Jazz Apple

After all the brainstorming and putting my blog together I thought to myself: “Before I get deep into this thing with barely any followers or anyone paying attention, would anyone even view a piece of my content and give it a good Siskel and Ebert?” I’m so old skool. Remember them? Phenomenal people of the and the originals of review. I want know whether good or bad. Saying my work is great or it sucks…just in general if it would even get looked at to where people would want to follow me or even purchase my future works.

On @the.jazzapple I will have so many versions of my writings demonstrated as poetry, short stories, writings from my creative stance as a playwright, YouTube videos, and more. I have a whole list but I want to keep you in suspense and anticipating the release of my blog. My writings and everything…

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