“Persephone’s Child”

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Those of you who are familiar with Greek mythology, might have heard what happened to Persephone, a maiden who’s only fault was beauty.
Some say beauty is a curse and I don’t blame them. For Persephone sure it was.
For Hades saw her in a field of flowers and couldn’t imagine his life without her. Thus, he stole her from her mother, luring her in the Underworld, until she saw darkness closing in and her cries couldn’t reach the world above any more.
The girl refused to eat, refused to drink, wishing her mother would save her, take her back to her fields and the beautiful blue sky, back to everything she knew and loved. For how could a girl made of sun thrive in darkness?
Hades was desperate to make her love him, but he was also an arrogant, foolish man, refusing to see…

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