How Do You Shock a Pool?

Women Who Think Too Much by Jeanne Marie


My above ground pool is so big that if it burst, it would wipe out my neighbor’s gardens the
length of our street, maybe on both sides. It covers almost my entire backyard
and for five days, the pool drew water from my garden hose, requiring 15,000
gallons of water to reach the fill line and to engage the filter, which some
idiot designed to sit just at the fill line. Probably designed by some stoner
who giggles every time he remembers the blueprint.
It is steel reinforced and my honey installed it all by himself, because the
video showed a small woman installing her pool in thirty minutes. Well, after
he had popped his hip out and sat down to read the manual, the instructions told
him to find at least three people to help complete the installation. So much for
the video. Now he was mad and he wasn’t calling anybody.

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