Tell Me Why the Caged Bird Sings

A Writer's Soul

I can’t keep you the way I want,
Beautiful creatures aren’t meant to be caged.
Just ask the bird who lost her ability to sing,
Lost the melody that made her dismal existence brighter.
Or ask the blackened nights why they no longer cast a glow among the night.
When even the stars can’t bring themselves to shine bright,
Too eager to be hidden by the clouds and that false sense of security,
That they let themselves be blinded and pushed aside.

Someone once said they knew why the caged bird sang,
A beautiful creature trapped for the enjoyment of another,
Even that existence seems cruel, to fool the bird into a false hope,
To keep her from experiencing life in its fullest and simplest.
Something that keeps us, comes back to each other, time and time again.
A sense of bravado, perhaps, of hope; a promise of things to…

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