On Selling Your Home: 3 Reasons To Clean Out Before You Move Out

Good advice…

The Chaos Boss

After the lull of winter, the real estate industry will start revving up again as it usually does in the spring. So now is the time to get your home ready if you’ve considered selling. But before I jump into why it is important to declutter and organize your home before you put it on the market, let me first tell you a story…

When I was pregnant with my first son, my doctor informed me at 37-weeks that I would have to keep my physical activity to a minimum. So for the remaining 3 weeks (and 3 days) of my pregnancy, I became a bit of a couch potato. And one of my favorite channels to watch was HGTV. Maybe it was because of the nesting tendencies of the pregnant female, but I was (and still am) absolutely captivated by everything on that channel.

One of my favorite shows…

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