One Wolf Walks Alone

I love this…

Blog of the Wolf Boy

For years we’ve held together a friendship,

Through tensions, which seemed not, but senseless.

I’d always tried to be a good friend to you,

In the ways I’d hoped you’d treat me too.

It’s just a shame this road’s one way, not two.


You’d always seemed quite helpless.

And to help you, my soul yearned.


I’ve a soul filled with concern,

And own a heart that’s not yet learned.

Excuse me, for being jaded,

As I work hard to ensure,

That these doors are securely barricaded.


When I was younger I was selfish,

Because selfish was all I’d known.

I expected selfish in return,

Like all those, with whom, I’d grown.


Settled for giving more than I’d take,

Grew up to become a wolf-

Raised in a nest of snakes.

No loyalty in the friend’s I’d make.

Always looking for a wild pack,

To fill a…

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