When You Leave An Abusive Relationship

Hindsight: My Journey

I left my abusive ex-husband 6 years ago after 25 years of emotional abuse and thankfully only one night of violence. The first 3 years were rough and would have been a lot smoother if I had done a few things differently. So, please consider the following:

If you are in danger,call 911. Call the police. I wish I had. They are trained professionals and many of their calls involve domestic violence. They are used to the cunning, lying behaviours of an abuser and in most cases will believe you. Don’t call friends, family, or neighbours. Chances are they will have never dealt with this type of situation before, won’t know what to do other than console you, and they may even try to talk you into going back.

Get a lawyer as soon as possible. Had I seen a lawyer within the first few days of…

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8 thoughts on “When You Leave An Abusive Relationship”

  1. I spent 30 years with mine. No scars that were ever visible — he used words and emotions to inflict his abuse. It took me a long time to realize that even the Catholic Church would not expect me to remain in that situation, but I still didn’t leave until it was apparent that another woman was involved. two weeks after I moved out she moved in and in all fairness, I have to say they were perfect for each other. She still mourns his loss 4 years after his death, and I have learned to be happy for him finding the one who was right for him. I just never measured up to what he thought a wife should be and I am glad he finally found the one who made him feel whole. Not to worry though, I wasn’t right for him but am perfect for someone else who fills the empty places for me now. ❤

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      1. Verbal and emotional is worse in some ways. Nothing shows on the outside so no one believes you when you attempt to find help. And he is so believable that it is just easier to tune it all out and become a zombie. I’m still very good at pretending it doesn’t matter and can actually be sitting in my power chair wearing bright red and still be invisible to people. I could be a really good spy!

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