The Messiness of She…

Many women have to deal with their own She…glad to know I am not alone. Great writing from Trizia…

On wings in Flight.

She is high.

She is low.

She is scared, scarred, unsure.

Lost in the past behind closed doors.

She tries to make sense of the present.

Yet she cannot, but she keeps trying.

She is lost.

She is found.

She is hopeless yet always hopeful.

She is a diamond in the rough.

She is who she is, and still she is sorry for it.

She wants to heal, say she is real.



She is, always has been.

Yet still she does not know.

Behind my now very safe and peaceful closed doors, I still remain occasionally lost and confused.

Desperately wanting to hand over the reality of responsibility to a someone who will honour the gift of trust I wish to give!

And for someone who has learnt that trust maybe, more importantly than love is the most precious of gifts a messy imperfect bieng can give?

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