Embers …

I love these words…

On wings in Flight.

The dying embers.

The shooting star.

She dances with abandon naked in the rain.

On a misty dawn.

Under moonlight.

Full moon.

Half moon.

No moon.

Light and dark converge. Magnify.



Never will each moment be lost, even as they fade from sight.

With sweet yet fearful abandon the spark that ignites the moments within.

Will not, Cannot, should never be denied.

There have been so many highs and lows in this limbo that I am in.

I wonder incessantly..

What is it, that I need to learn?


Let go of?

The caged bird took flight in her soul a long while before, yet the destination?

This Haven of Peace only became my resting place.

My safe Harbour.

A year ago!

And still in moments of self doubt I feel the desperate beating the wings of my soul fighting to ignite and recapture the dying embers of…

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