PART 2 OF DISASTER ON HELVELLYN – Disaster In Scunthorpe

Incredible writing …

It happened two days before our move. Disaster struck again!

We had been feeling hopeless, and totally overwhelmed by all the packing we had to do. Legally we had to be out by a certain date, chance what, and take possession of the new house on that same date. There is no leeway!

We had accumulated so much stuff, it seemed, and yet our house in Derbyshire was only a very small one. But we loved it. We could see the hills at the back of the house, and at the end of the street. We had always vowed that somehow or other we would retire to the Lake District, and spend our time walking the hills and climbing the mountains. There are five mountains in the Lake District, so plenty to go at! When my father died in 2001, however, we decided to make the move then. Though not…

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