Posted in Gracie's Glimmer, Poetry From A Woman Who Thinks Too Much

Mama’s Shoes

Saw her heartache coming, visible
from two thousand miles away.
So when she called me this morning
wondering about him and that girl
I didn’t know what to say.
I’d seen the warning signs
but kept it to myself
cause, I’m a great one to talk.
When my world was blown to pieces
I didn’t run, I didn’t even walk.
So when she askes me twice,
“Mama, what do you think, what do you think
about him and that girl?”
I don’t say what I feel,
“There goes your world, my daughter,
that’s what I think about him and that girl.”
Saw her heartache coming and I
knew she was caught in my shoes.
How sad. I wish I’d flung them in the trash
outgrown them or at least given them away,
before her feet were formed and
now here she is, a beautiful woman
stumbling through love in her mama’s shoes.


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