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I’ll Never Forget You, But I Have To Let You Go.

Perfectly Imperfect

Slowly but surely, I will loosen my grip on the idea of us, of we. I will drop all the notions of a future, those shards of hope that you and I would ever become something real. I will watch those promises of a tomorrow flutter away in the breeze of yesterday, piece by piece, moment by moment, tear by tear.
And I will break free.
I will untie the binds that kept me from loving myself because you could not love me the way I needed. I will undo the lock that kept me chained up in the beautiful chaos that was you. I will throw away the key. I will wipe my hands clean, clear of the dust of promise, and walk away. Battered not bruised, yes; not unscathed, scarred, and defeated; but still standing on my own two feet.
This is me finally letting you go.

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