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“Whenever we touch nature we get clean….”

I Dont Want To Talk About It

the-angel-oak-tree-charleston-mark-requidanI was talking with my dear friend yesterday and we were talking about where we lived when we were young. She lived a few miles south of town and I lived a few miles north of town.  She said something yesterday that struck me  It was wonderful metaphorically as well as actually. She said that it didn’t matter where she was when she looked out off her front porch, she was in heaven. We both grew up the same socioeconomically and the one respite that we both seem to have had from our  family situation  was that we got to live in one most beautiful places in the world.

stormy-sergey-zakharovIt’s not to say that I was consciously aware of the beauty of nature around me at all times. What I do remember was that some of my best times living there as a child was when I was out doing…

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