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Women Who Think Too Much is now available in print! Ebook too!


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This book is an intensely personal narrative about codependent relationships and the insane dysfunctional thinking patterns that follow. With a unique approach, the author shares her expertise and offers 12-Slips to codependency. Dark humor fuels this fearsome account as the author leads you through the dysfunctional maze, maneuvering through the volatile actions, obsessive thoughts and intense feelings that a codependent relationship ignites. You will find yourself laughing out loud at scenarios that should make you cry, like the circling ladies in Kmart, the perverted mailman, etc. This unique perspective on love gone awry is as entertaining as it is enlightening. The author has a sharp sense of humor and she lets it fly without losing the gravity of her subject. Terrifying examples shine a piercing light on the painful truths of codependency. After drawing you in, the author smacks you with the reality meter, Slap One, turning your preconceived notions of her 12-Slip program upside down.


Women Who Think Too
A No Help At All Handbook
By Jeanne Marie

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Print edition can be ordered soon from Amazon, Kobo, the Apple iBookstore, Barnes & Noble and other online retailers included in the Ingram Distribution network.
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Review By Author, Maggie Thom:
“Wow. I don’t know where to even start with this but I can tell you that although it is a tough read, it is a must. Women Who Think Too Much is raw and will punch you in the solar plexus. When I started reading it, no I hadn’t read the blurb about it, I thought it was going to talk about how women are so hard on themselves. Which it did, sort of but it’s really one woman’s journey through co-dependency and abuse and her wish to wake up other women who might be living this kind of life or headed for it.
Jeanne Marie shares her journey through co-dependency and abuse but she does it in a unique way, she calls it the 12 slip step to co-dependency, where she uses dark humor for a dark subject. I think that if she’d just shared her journey, I would have felt awful for her but I don’t think I’d have looked at my life quite so closely. It’s interesting because she talks a lot about all the ways and things she did to avoid looking at her own life for a long time. I think it is brilliantly written. It’s only about sixty pages but it is by no means a quick read.
Try catching your breath after you’ve read it because you won’t while you’re reading it.
It’s the elephant in the room that no one talks about, no one shares. I guarantee this book will wake you up like none other. Or at least it should.”

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Reviews for Women Who Think Too Much

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