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Love my scars?


Emerging From The Dark Night


Will you love me with my scars

Will you love me in my wounded places

It is okay for me to

Reveal this vulnerable, imperfect self to you

I know that I am an adult now

But sometimes I still struggle

With the legacy of past pain

Of an inner child

Who never really got enough

Of what she needed

Or was allowed to feel that needing was okay

I know my reactions

Often confused others

But they never saw all the times

Attachments broke or failed me

All the times I got hurt or injured

When left alone

Or just forgotten or invisible to others

And they never understood how much it hurt

To have to turn myself inside out

With the forgetting

That cast everything into the shadows

I’m trying hard

To hold my own hand In the absence of love

And to stop my fearful negative thinking

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