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Yesterday, today and tomorrow.

sprinkle of thoughts

The past, present and future…while each are all individuals, none will not exist without the other. Without yesterday, there won’t be a today and without a today, there won’t be a tomorrow. Our friendships, relationships, views, values, have all been influenced by our past. Even who we are, has a great deal of what we experienced and who we intend to be. Everything is intertwined in our truth, what the world and society has taught us and what we want to build and identify as our own. But if you focus too much on the past or the future, somehow the present becomes a burden and hard to enjoy.

The past:

Résultats de recherche d'images pour « quotes about the past »If you are depressed, then you are living in the past. This is so true. We spend so much time reminiscing, wondering how we could have done things better. Hating and blaming ourselves and others in the process. Hiding…

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