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thru the darkness to the light

YES to all. Awesome writer…

the little spark

Going thru the darkness to get to the light..

I’ve been thru a variation of hell. A personal hell. I had seen the light before my dark journey into night. And I’ve seen it again after. Prone to the spiritual life since I was a child, I had prophetic dreams, visions, intense gut feelings, premonitions; an awareness of a sixth sense was part of my normality. I didn’t really speak of it, but to a handful of close friends and to my parents.. Later to my grandparents, priests, pastors, siblings and other spiritual souls.

It wasn’t easy at times. I’d often be plagued with horrendous nightmares for the duration of years that I had experienced the dark night of the soul. During which, I came to recognize there was a darkness lingering – a darkness apart from me that had some kind of tie to me. I didn’t understand and…

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